Paul Bristow Associates - E-Commerce, Print on Demand and Dropshipping Platform

Working with a textiles print manufacturer, this website is designed as a standalone e-commerce store distinct from the main Paul Bristow Associate website for use by public customers and small businesses looking for samples, This project required integrating Print-on-Demand (PoD) and Dropshipping software tailored for use with the company's printers while adhering to the Paul Bristow Associate branding guidelines.

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Page-builder Ready

Designed with Elementor for easy editing by Paul Bristow Employees. While integration with PoD platforms was required, the general designs are easily alterable and open for further additions by non-developers.

SEO Optimised

In optimizing the WordPress website for SEO, I focused on adding targeted keywords and meta tags for content visibility, made the site responsive for mobile users, and implemented caching and image compression for faster load times. Regular content updates were established alongside the use of plugins like Yoast SEO to streamline the SEO process.

Intergrated Product Builder

To enhance the Print on Demand services for the business, I integrated a custom product builder into their website. This tool streamlines the ordering process, particularly for samples, allowing clients to independently create, preview, and order their designs. It also allows any member of the public to create, upload and receive a custom-printed product directly from Paul Bristows.

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What this role involved: